The SpySmart app is only for Employee monitoring purpose.

Employee Call monitoring:

You will get detailed information about each aspect of the call, be it time, duration, contact details of caller and the other party. It helps to find out about what period of time they spend on each call, with whom in MP4 format. This gets reported after they call by using remote mobile phone monitoring app.


Profanity alert, geo-fencing, contact alerts, etc get alerts what activi- ties are carried and monitors them from the device with the help of this software.

GPS monitoring:

You can track on the map which places have been visited in re- al-time. Find out where your employee is with the help of GPS signal system available in smartphones with the help of pinpointed map and also track history of visited locations.

WhatsApp monitoring:

With remote mobile monitoring, you'll easily monitor these messag- es in real-time. No need to be a tech-geek, guaranteed! Whole chat will be exported to you in a period of time and you can check in detail about this.