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Employee Activity Monitor is a top-level, all-in-one and centralized employee computer monitoring software designed for enterprises, education orgs and governments.

  • Who are your most active workers? Least active?
  • Employee Monitoring software is easy to Set Up
  • Get a clear picture of how work gets done
  • Understands What are your employees daily patterns of activity?

Why Choose Us

You can get a detailed view of your employees productive and less productive hours using Rashi Infotech time tracking and activity monitoring features.

  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing and transforming data with the goal of discovering useful information

  • Workforce Productivity

    Baazcop helps to analyze and improve the organizational work productivity to new levels

  • Business Analytics

    It is the iterative, methodical exploration of an organization's data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis



Our Special Features

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring tools proactively analyzes your data

Live tracking

Live tracking anywhere anytime

All-in-One solutions

It is used by thousands of organisations worldwide,

Operation Efficient

Understand employee workflows,discover hold-up

Work Examiner

Controlling employee work time and 'free' time.


Easily adaptable platform and fully customized



Data Security

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